The Vagabonding Leaf pocast




As things stand today, the Leafs are the healthiest, youngest and most talented team in the NHL. Needless to say, I'm excited. 


About me

I'm a hockey, travel, and podcasting enthusiast who was overdue for some excitement. 

I've been a hockey fan my whole life. Player and instructor in my formative years, dedicated couch observer in my adult years. Hockey runs through my veins. 

Then in my mid 20's I fell in love with traveling. Over the following decade-plus I traveled extensively; typically in unconventional ways and places.

With my excitement for the upcoming Leaf season and wanderlust becoming harder to ignore. This trip was a perfect fit. To have the opportunity to see a huge part of our beautiful country, meat great people and catch the season opener was something could not pass up.

Beginning late October (details to follow here) you can hear all about this trip and future misadventures on the Vagabonding Leaf Podcast.

Thank you for stopping by. When I was contacted by a media outlet about the hitchhiking trip, I decided to put this campaign together on the off chance it garners attention. If you're in a position too, please donate what you can to Courage Hockey Canada. Their information can be found below:



Please visit the link below to contribute to this cause:


Thanks for stopping by, and please drop me a line if you have any comments, suggestions or just want to say hello