Individual Program 

This process involves a customized approach for each person. Therefore, it is difficult to expand on what this process may look like.

Each case will present different time constraints, challenges, and desired results. For some,  a 24 / 7 approach may be required in the beginning. For others, it may require a less hands-on approach, more of a consultant role, and anything in-between. Each case will be completely unique. When you really break it down, the biggest initial impact I will have is being constantly available in the early going. That accountability and support will facilitate allowing enough time to pass to build momentum. To build Recovery Capital.

We will design a program that works best for your current situation. Although it's difficult to give any specifics in these early stages, you can be assured I will devote as much of my time for as long as needed. Also, keep in mind this program will constantly evolve as we progress down this road.

Being in the same location will be necessary. I have recently become location independent and am spending the summer in the Montreal area. However, in the fall I am open to considering several locations within Canada.  I have things set up to allow for this flexibility. I love new experiences and adventures, in this spirit, I am open to a visiting different parts of the country if an appropriate situation presents itself.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please reach out if you have ay questions or would like to explore this further.