nice to meet you


Al little about myself ...

My name is Clancy and I have been sober a little over four years at the time of writing this (07/2107). No need to get into the details, suffice it to say I earned my stay at a residential treatment facility the old fashion way ... through blood sweat and tears as it was. Booze was the main culprit, followed by blow. Sprinkled in here and there was a bit of everything else (literally).  To really add fuel to the fire, for the last 5 years of the party there was a steady supply of doc prescribed benzodiazepines and sleeping pills.

After treatment, I volunteered at the facility I attended as well as began an Addiction Education Program through MacMaster University Centre for Continuing Education. I have also completed countless hours over the years of independent research on coaching, motivation, addiction and mental health. Now I don't wish for that to come across as anything more than it is. I have read a ridiculous amount and never quite finished an online diploma program. That would be another way of putting it. All this to say I'm passionate, experienced and well read in these area's, however, I do not hold any accreditation or formal certification. To be clear.

Putting the theoretical aside for a sec and focusing on the practical side of things; it is the combination of my personal experience with addiction and my real life experience that makes me an ideal partner.

I do not wish to make this about all the shit I've seen or done. However, it is important to convey that I learned a lot over two-plus decades of unconventional living. Years of extensive travel and crazy ass life experiences played a huge part in allowing me the perspective I have today.

It's that rare combination of being well read and being experienced in not only addictions but life in general that will allow us to be successful.

The truth is this is not about me anyways. It's about you. I'm just here to provide an unbiased outside perspective and help you make sense of everything. You're going to do all the heavy lifting.