no charge for services


It's not a GIMMICK

Initially, adding finances to the equation is both unnecessary and impractical. It would make it more difficult to find suitable people to work with as well as it would define the dynamic of our relationship as more of a business transaction than a partnership.

Also, I'm new to doing this full time and as such do not feel it's fitting to charge for my services. The truth is I have steady income coming in, and money is the furthest thing from my motivation for doing this. I am passionate about helping people discover how attainable it can be to regain control of your life. By not charging any fee's I believe I can establish myself and gain traction for this methodology. And we can focus on results and the process without worrying about the business end of things. I truly believe we have been misinformed in many recovery circles and that regaining control of our lives is easier than many have been lead to believe. Time to test my theory.

Once I am grossly successful or have run out of personal resources I will revisit this "no charge" philosophy perhaps lol. 

If you are interested in exploring this path please reach out through this website. I will only be working with one person at a time initially as it is expected to be a more or less full-time, very hands-on commitment.