Inaugural Post, Again.

I registered this domain a few years back. Initially, it was an early recovery blog, followed by a yoga blog (as I endeavored to do 90 classes in 90 days a few years back). Since then I have set up a few other web pages and fumbled around the intra-webs in an attempt at amusing myself. I am excited to say it's finally time to make proper us of this URL.

I am gearing up to make a go of helping people put substance abuse in the rear-view mirror for good. Which means I am now going to make a concerted effort to publish regular and relevant content as I begin putting more and more resources into pursuing this passion.

I’m bloody excited actually. Since I began to be comfortable in recovery I have thought helping people kick this shit would be a great fit. I suspect many of us feel that way, it makes sense. So I started an Addiction Education program and volunteered at the treatment center I attended, etc. Sadly, it quickly became evident this would never be a good fit for myself. I will not get into my thoughts on the industry as a whole, and I will endeavor to keep the tone as positive as possible through these entries. Suffice it to say I do not feel the best way for me to help individuals would be to work within the constructs of a traditional treatment facility, or any related facility for that matter. Plus, I would have to complete several years of schooling on top of my initial program, work at various diminished or irrelevant capacities until I may, or may not get a spot actually affecting change. For a younger person, this could be a great potential career path. For myself in my late 30's (very late) at the time, ten years to invest seemed a little much.

Plus, I did my work folks. 20 years of substance abuse followed by four plus years of more than successful recovery. That should count for something?

Anyways, getting off topic a little. All that to say initially working with people to help them overcome addiction did not seem like it would ever be a viable option for yours truly. Paying the bills through this work, finding a position that was actually engaging and challenging as well as constructive seemed next to impossible at the time. So, I pursued other career options.  I was temporarily chasing that paper, putting in 60 plus hours a week helping build a company a friend of mine hired me at. But, of course, that was never a long-term plan for success. Trading most of my spare time and mental energy for money and shiny things was never in my DNA. Everything does happen for a reason and I have now been afforded the opportunity to work 15 hours a week remotely overseeing the back end of that business while taking in enough money to keep me and my dog in food and shelter. And most importantly, finally allowing me to pursue my passion without having to worry about cash. Either for myself or from potential partners. It's fucken brilliant. Money is off the table. Simple.

I'm a little-worried people will think I’m a weirdo or some shit, as I will be offering to devote all my time and resources to helping strangers overcome addiction. But once you get past the fact I'm not only normal, but actually pretty fucken cool and more than competent; The real beauty of this model becomes obvious. Think about it, your own recovery partner for free. It allows for a genuine relationship to be forged between myself and the person I'm working with. It is no longer transactional and there is not the pressure of having taken or paid a chunk of change to dilute the efforts we are undertaking. 

You can read a little about my background and qualifications here, but the bottom line is I am also new to doing this full time as well. So, as I get some more experience under my belt, I think keeping cash out of the equation is only fair as well.

So, that is that. I am aiming to take on my first partner on this journey around mid-October. So over the next few months, I will develop this site further, putting thought into finding actually useful resources as well as keeping an open discussion on my blog on several relevant topics. And, through this online presence, I’m hoping to find a person in need who is a good fit for this undertaking and link up and get started around mid-October. Time to put my money where my mouth is.

Thanks for popping by and having a read. Please reach out anytime to say hi or ask any questions etc.