Forget Everything You Know About Addiction

Overcoming addiction does not have to be a lifelong battle. It's not some impossible goal only a precious few ever achieve. It is within reach for all of us and there has never been a better time to tackle the problem.

Unprecedented access to information, as well as a greater acceptance by society, contribute to this ideal climate for change.


Recovery from substance abuse is completely unique for each person. Now please stop and actually think about that for a second. One size fits many approaches are impractical. The fact is a one on one program completely tailored to your present situation is your best chance for permanent change.

Everyone's past experiences, current circumstances and desired outcome form a unique set of circumstances to consider. For this reason, the approach needs to be highly personalized. Period.


The other cornerstone of this approach is to address every possible aspect of your lifestyle. Not just substance abuse. We will explore ways to improve your health, your relationships as well as your overall outlook.

The end game is not just sobriety; it is continued growth in any and all aspects of life.

 Sobriety is just the beginning.