The truth is rarely pure and never simple
— Oscar wilde

Hi, thanks for stopping by. 

Over my time on this lovely planet,  I've made more than my fair share of mistakes. From prison to rehab and pretty much everything in between, I've been there.

Now that all that is well behind me, I am attempting to make sense of everything and gain some perspective. However, I have come to realize rarely are things black and white. Its often not as simple as simply categorizing an action as good or bad, and moving on. 

Each episode of the Fearless Moral Inventory Podcast will deal with a different facet of my past behavior. Topics will include selling drugs, breaking and entering, my relationship with gambling and organized crime and several others. Nothing is out of bounds.

I am going to go out into the world and engage in candid discussions about each of these issues, gaining insight into peoples thoughts and feelings on these topics. I am going to seek out the opinions of people from all cross-sections of society. Old, young, rich, poor, business leaders and criminals alike. This will allow for diverse opinions and a 360 degree look at a complex issue.

Next, these discussions will be packaged in a neat little podcast episode at the end of which hopefully a little more perspective can be found.

Welcome to the Fearless Moral Inventory Podcast. Episode #1 will be airing in late November, please check back regularly for updates.